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The website for Cassandra Press is the result of many conversations between the Design Niggas, Kandis Williams and her team. These conversations result in a new type of online space for intellectual engagement.

The site has specific pathways for specific users, akin to a set of labyrinths. Each path with its own end goal based in maintaining the equity and community that has made Cassandra Press so sucessful. The omission of a menu style navigation points to an architectural understanding of the digital space which the site occupies. References like, Tomb Raider II for PS1 and the Windows 3D Maze screensaver were at the front of our minds as we designed the 'map' for this site.

The site graphics are imagined as a hybridized identity, merging the myth with the matrix. Situating itself somewhere between what is found engraved into ancient redware pottery and the ever buffering digital landscape. 
The black background a nod to ideas found in black gooey universe and a way to point to the liquidity of our space.

We use this hybridization to imagine a new home for contemporary critical thought that is as functional as it is beautiful.

-the Design Niggas