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Aphonic Rituals

Instructor: Tapiwa Svosve

Start date: June 1st

For this course, Tapiwa Svosve leads themed discussions about Jazz as a record of diaspora and migration. He invites various musicians and theorists such as Jalalu Kalvert-Nelson, Tina Reden and Asma Maroof, to dissect the compositional impact of artists like Julius Eastman and Edouard Glissant on global soundscapes from Baltimore clubs to the communes of 1970’s Sweden. Svosve focuses on the state of improvisation and its potential to create and agitate energy in a multitude of contexts; thinking through silence, negative spaces, solo performance and the negotiations of the body and instruments, Svosve will address training and technical development as both conceptual and performative techniques. This course will be structured as group sessions and lecture/podcast drops scheduled through A dedicated playlist will be made available and one-on-one lessons can be scheduled if desired by students.  



Tapiwa Svosve, born 1995, is a Musician and Theorist. He is invested with multidisciplinary practices - combining sound to theater, painting, and historical praxis and currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland.